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Humane education is defined as the teaching of compassion and respect related to animal welfare, environmental, and social justice issues. It works to makes the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills, and commitment to live ethically, sustainably, and peaceably the very purpose of education. It does this by infusing the curricula at all levels of education with meaningful information, inspiration, and tools for creating a safe and humane world for all..

Humane education examines the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation. It explores how we might live with compassion and respect for everyone: not just our friends and neighbors, but all people; not just our own dogs and cats, but all animals; not just our own homes, but also the earth itself, our ultimate home.


Here is list of pamphlets in PDF form

Presented by The National

Humane Education Society


Life on a chain


Unnecessary Surgeries-Declawing of cats


Questions answered regarding

Animal cruelty


Early-Age Spay/Neuter


Top 10 Reasons to

Adopt a Shelter Pet


Winter pet care tips


Puppy Mills beware


Disater and your pets


Advantages of Spay/Neuter you pet


Did you know Read to Sydney, Inc., has a fantastic Humane Education team? Sydney, a very talented registered therapy dog will meet with any type or size group or club to teach children about animal safety and respect. Sydney and her handler Thom, give presentations and classes to adults and groups on several important topics including ways to make our community a better place for both people and animals. Both Thom and Sydney also make nursing home and hospital visits.  Make sure every visit ends with a smile on the face and the heart.  We can also be found in our community libraries.  We have a special program where children read to Sydney.  This encourages both reading and learning more.