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“Sydney Finds A Job”


This is the first in a series of children’s books written by the Read to Sydney volunteers.


In Sydney Finds a Job, children follow Sydney as she tries to find a job that's right for her. Through humor, she tries several different jobs that just don't work out, but she finally finds one she loves. Helping children read.


Sydney Finds a Job is more than just a book. Sydney is a real dog with a real job, helping children learn to read. The Australian Sheppard/Chow mix was adopted from a no-kill animal shelter by author Thom Battisto about four years ago.


Sydney was trained and earned accreditation as a therapy dog and visits nursing homes to bring a bit of furry joy to the residents lives. She also visits schools, libraries and events to educate children about the human treatment of animals. Sydney’s favorite part of these visits is when the children are given the chance to read to her.


The First Lady Laura Bush had this to say after receiving a copy of Sydney Finds a Job.


“Dear Shari and Thom,

Thank you... for your work with the Read to Sydney Foundation and for sharing Sydney with others.”

---First Lady Laura Bush

Sydney Finds A Job

English Version


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Sydney Finds a Job

Braille Edition


Sydney Finds a Job

Spanish Version

Sydney Encuentra un Trabajo

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Sydney Finds a Job on CD - English Only


Sydney Finds A Job Book and CD-English Only.

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